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“…go hard or go homeless”
Big Sean, “I Don’t F with You

I’m thrilled to share some great news about two of my portfolio companies: Telltale Games and GuideSpark.

Telltale Games, maker of the bestselling games series Game of Thrones and Walking Dead, has announced it is working on a new original series, or “super show,” which integrates the experiences of television and episodic gaming. The Verge succinctly describes Telltale’s super show as “a sort of half game, half TV show hybrid.” If you know games, you know that Telltale is remarkable at storytelling. Now imagine Telltale collaborating with another leader in storytelling…

…Lionsgate. That’s right: as part of today’s big super show reveal, Telltale also announced that film giant Lionsgate is now an investor in the company. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer will join me on Telltale’s board of directors. I’m really looking forward to working with Jon!

guidesparkIn additional awesome news: another one of my startup investments, GuideSpark, announced it has raised $22.2 million in Series C funding. I have participated in all three investment rounds. To put a fine point on it: I think GuideSpark is one of the biggest game-changers in HR Tech today.

GuideSpark solves a Human Resources problem in a simple and elegant way: the cloud-based solution helps HR create branded videos and interactive content that replaces tired approaches such as employee handbooks and product training manuals. Watch the explainer video below––it’s a great articulation of GuideSpark’s solution and benefits. Big ups to CEO Keith Kitani and team!

GuideSpark Intro from Lindsey Records on Vimeo.