Shark Tank VCs

Shark Tank: Reality-TV Versus Reality-VC


Lessons in the Entrepreneur Journey: Interview With Defy Ventures


Game On: Why I’m Still Investing in Gaming

TelltaleGames Gamesbeat

Storytelling in Games: An Interview With Telltale Games CEO at GamesBeat 2014

phil at wasatch 100

I Ran the Wasatch 100-Mile Race


Panel: Funding the Next Billion Dollar Gaming Company

advice for entrepreneurs

Advice For Execs and Entrepreneurs in a Career Transition


E3 Report: 6 Defining Trends in Gaming


Interview: Shooting the Breeze With Don’t Sweat the Tech


My Favorite #Winning Rappers Who Started at the Bottom

fasting awareness

How Fasting is Similar to the Entrepreneurial Journey

phil-sanderson GamesBeat

GamesBeat 2014 in San Francisco: Get Your Tickets Now


Can You Trust a VC Who Doesn’t Tweet?

Nail the Pitch

The Art of Nailing the VC Pitch


Dead or Alive, Bitcoin Ushers in the Era of Digital Currency


Video: Interview With Football Legend and All-Around Cool Dude Steve Young


Up Your Game With the Science of Music and Sports

IDG Game Portfolio2

The Global Gaming Market is Huge and Growing

The Walking Dead

The Magic Behind Telltale’s Emotionally Evocative and Highly Engaging Games


Building a Revenue Model: a Simple Recipe

gaming trends

4 Gaming Trends to Watch in 2014

startup board

6 Tips on Choosing Your Startup Board Members

business plan

Should You Write a Business Plan?

early adopter

Want to Succeed in Tech or VC? Walk the Walk


What Every VC, Angel Investor and Entrepreneur Needs to Know About QSBS

Term Sheets

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Term Sheets: Constructive Termination

Body Party

My Favorite Music Video in 2013: Ciara’s “Body Party”


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